Worker's Compensation Rehabilitation

Productive Alternatives' goals for Worker's Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Services are to return claimants back to work and to a productive life as quickly as possible following a wide variety of injuries, including physical disabilities and brain injury, so that they may resume making a comparable wage considering their disability.

This is an effective partnership of the insurance carrier, the claimant, Productive Alternatives' staff, and the Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor (QRC). Our services are designed specifically to provide an objective picture of the claimant's current and future capabilities. Upon referral of the claimant and review of the data provided, Productive Alernatives' staff will develop a rehabilitation plan.

All or part of the following services can be utilized:

  • Job Analysis — An in-depth analysis of the claimants former work placement and skills to aid in determining the feasibility of returning to work with job modifications.
  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation — In which the claimant will be evaluated for:
    • a. Physical, intellectual, and emotional status.
    • b. Vocational strengths and weaknesses.
    • c. Functional, psychological, and social limitations due to injury and/or trauma.
    • d. Feasibility of further rehabilitation services and readiness to reenter the job market.
  • Work Sampling — Specific job tasks taken directly from industry by Valpar.
  • Work-Hardening — Claimant will be placed into a variety of work sites through Productive Alternatives.
  • Vocational Testing — A full battery of psychological, vocational, and aptitude testing.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation counseling — Motivational counseling and guidance in realistic job considerations.
  • Skill training at Productive Alternatives in the following areas:
    • Furniture Manufacturing
    • Woodworking Assembly
    • Production Assembly
    • Sign Making (silk screen, wood, plastic, metal)
    • Shipping, Receiving, Packaging
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Selective Job Placement
  • Labor Market Surveys — Identifies the availability of employment options.
  • Resume Development
  • Follow-up Services
  • On-the-job Training Negotiations
  • Job Retention
  • Situational Assessment — job tryout to assess skills and physical abilities.

For more information about our Worker's Compensation Rehabilitation, please contact our main office location..