Vocational Rehabilitation

Consumer career choices are the building blocks to a successful vocational outcome. Productive Alternatives strives to achieve this with each individual served. This process is outlined below:

  • Person referred to Productive Alternatives
  • Case Manager assigned to individual
  • Intake assessment completed
  • Preliminary training begins, usually about 30 days
  • 30 or 45 day meeting is held. Within that meeting,
    • Vocational goals are established
    • Person served is present and provides input to the team
    • Person served may be introduced to additional staff or resources
    • Job type availability within the service area is reviewed
    • Parent, Guardian or Legal representative signs off on plans, releases
    • Next meeting date is scheduled

During this period, a person may try more than one job. Many persons with disabilities have either never worked or have limited vocational experience. Trying a range of jobs allows the person served to establish their own preferences for what type of work they will do. Once the person has found a job they can do and like, the process includes…

  • Transportation to and from work as needed or requested
  • Ongoing job supports, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Job Coaching, long or short term
  • Specific on the job skills training
  • Joint meetings with person served and the employer or supervisor(s)

Services can be modified or terminated as the person served desires. This process is intended to ensure long term job stability for the individual while remaining flexible with service provisions.