Slush Inhaler

The Slush Inhaler makes cleaning slush from fishing holes easy by capturing auger-chopped ice in a cylinder for easy removal. Three different cylinder diameters are available to fit standard ice fishing hole sizes.

  1. Push Slush Inhaler down into augered hole with handle in down position. Water and chopped ice from augering hole thru ice (slush) captured within cylinder. Trap door is open.
  2. Pull handle up, closing trap door and lifting slush inhaler out of augered hole. Slush is lifted up and out of auger hole, held within cylinder. Water is separated from slush and can flow thru perforated trap door back into lake.
  3. Handle is pushed to the down position, opening trap door and allowing slush to fall out the bottom. Slush is discarded away from fishing area — augered hole left free of slush.

Dealer Inquiries

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Product Item # UPC # Case Size Standard Case
8" Diameter Slush Inhaler SI-8 05329838255 6 8"x8"x35" 1 pc., 6 lbs.
9" Diameter Slush Inhaler SI-9 05329838270 9 9"x9"x35" 1 pc., 6 lbs.
10" Diameter Slush Inhaler SI-10 05329838256 3 10"x10"x35" 1 pc., 7 lbs.