Rattle Reel

With our Rattle Reel you can have the convenience of hands free fishing at a low cost. Rattle sounds let you know when a fish bites. It's made from an unbreakable plastic spool with smooth action. A friction wing nut allows adjustment for accurate spool tension. Various Mounting choices such as: Wall/Ceiling Mount(not pictured); Hinged Mount; Long Arm with a removable Wall Bracket; Large and Compact Clamps.

Dealer Inquiries

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Product Item # UPC # Case Size Standard Case
Rattle Reel with Hinged Mount
307 0-5329838292-1 8.25"x18"x25.5" 48 pc., 18 lbs.
Rattle Reel with Long Arm removable wall Mount
306 0-5329838294-5 8.25"x18"x25.5" 48 pc., 18 lbs.
Rattle Reel Clamps
309 0-5329838290-7 8.25"x18"x25.5" 48 pc., 20 lbs.
Rattle Reel Compact Clamps
308 0-5329838291-6 8.25"x18"x25.5" 48 pc., 18 lbs.