Rattle Wheel Winter Fishing Alert

With its bell alarm, the Rattle Wheel lets you know when a fish bites the end of your line. Each revolution of the wheel equals one foot of line length. Made to last, strong wood construction and our extra wide wheel helps to prevent the line from falling off.

The Rattle Wheel can be ordered with a variety of different mounts, including a ceiling mount, wall mount, pail mount, hinged arm mount, and clamp mount.

Dealer Inquiries

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Product Item # UPC # Case Size Standard Case
Rattle Wheel Ceiling Mount
100 0-5329838260-0 8.25"x18"x25.5" 28 pc., 19 lbs.
Rattle Wheel Wall Mount
101 0-5329838261-7 8.25"x18"x25.5" 40 pc., 20 lbs.
Rattle Wheel w/ Hinged Arm
102 0-5329838262-4 8.25"x18"x25.5" 28 pc., 18 lbs.
Rattle Wheel w/ Clamp
103 0-5329838263-1 8.25"x18"x25.5" 20 pc., 18 lbs.