Ice Fishing Equipment

Northerners who once embraced the winter cult of ice fishing are forever part of a unique and tight-knit community of sportspeople who come together to celebrate the joys of winter out on a frozen lake. As all these folks know, having the right gadgets to make this experience even more enjoyable is an essential part of being an ice angler, and Productive Alternatives tries to keep these folks satisfied by continuing to introduce new products to our line of ice fishing equipment.

Dealers interested in joining the ranks of retailers that resell these products should contact Productive Alternatives for more information.

  • Rattle Wheel

    The Rattle Wheel attaches to your ice fishing rod and lets you know when a fish bites the end of your line.

  • Fish Alert

    Don't miss another bite with this battery operated ice fishing reel.

  • Buddy Light

    These compact, light weight, and durable lights are perfect for use in portable fish houses, tents, screened shelters, boats, and duck blinds.

  • Slush Inhaler

    The Slush Inhaler makes cleaning slush from fishing holes easy by capturing auger-chopped ice in a cylinder for easy removal.

  • Rod Holder

    The Groove Rod Holder keeps your rod in the groove by easily locking on to most tubular supports and pails.

  • Big and Little Dippers

    Our Big and Little Dipper ice scoops will save your back and your effort in ice removal from your fishing hole.

  • E-Z Dipper and E-Z Dipper Junior

    Another set of long-handled tools to make your water dipping easier.

  • Our Rod Lodge and Tackle Lodge

    Rigs to help you handle your tackle and rods -- attaches to any 5-6 gallon pail!