E-Z Dipper and E-Z Dipper Junior

Make dipping an effortless task. This simple tool is a great way dip water for your fish house, fill minnow and fish buckets, or dip water off the dock without kneeling or getting wet. The long 30 inch handle will save you plenty of trouble!

It's also a great tool while in your boat — the long reach makes scooping water a breeze. If necessary, you can even use the E-Z Dipper as a fire extinguisher!

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Product Item # UPC # Case Size Standard Case
E-Z Dipper EZ 710 0-5329838278-5-9 12.5"x18.75"x30.75" 12 pc., 13 lbs
E-Z Dipper Junior EZ 56 0-5329838279-2 12.5"x18.75"x30.75" 16pc, 14 lbs.