Employment Services


In order for Productive Alternatives to be able to help you, you must:

  • be 16 years old or older
  • have a disability
  • benefit from services
  • have an identified funding source
  • be able to care for personal needs (including self-medicate)


Our business hours are from 8AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday. Jobsite hours may vary from program to program. We can help link you up with Referral/Payer sources. For more information contact the Branch Manager at the PAI nearest you.

  • Alexandria (320) 763-4101
  • Brainerd (218) 825-8148
  • Fergus Falls (218) 736-5668
  • Little Falls (320) 632-9291
  • Moorhead (218) 477-1676

Services Offered

Employee Development Services

Assists persons seeking employment to develop or reestablish skills. This service:

  • is time limited
  • is provided at the job site or in PAI's center-based program
  • assists in development of realistic employment goals and helps prepare for competitive employment
  • assesses worker strengths, skills, needs, abilities and preferences.

Community Employment Services

This program assists job seekers in obtaining and retaining community employment. The three services offered in the Community Employment Services Program include:

1) Job Development/Placement Services

The goal of this program is to assist job seekers in obtaining and retaining employment through assisting in finding a job. When needed, the placement specialist is able to arrange for additional services, such as:

  • developing an individualized career plan
  • job seeking skills training
  • training to help an individual maintain their employment
  • arranging job tryouts for the individual
  • following up with the individual and the employer

2) Community Employment (Job-Site Training)


  • individualized job training done under the supervision of PAI staff
  • performed in a community work setting

This program is designed to assist the individual in increasing their work skills to achieve the performance level required of the position. They may have a job coach provided or natural supports are developed with the employer. Regular training can be supplemented for longer periods of time until the employee is comfortable with the duties.

3) Supported Employment (Job Supports)

  • Based upon the individual needs of the new employee and employer
  • Done to promote job adjustment and retention. This can be follow up visits from the job coach or off site counseling depending on individual wants/needs.
  • Routine, follow along support between the individual, PAI staff, and employer

This program provides employment-related support to an individual who is working in the community at an individual work site. Initial training may be done by a job coach or by the supervisor of the business. Individuals in this program are paid by the employer and usually earn minimum wage or higher.

Organizational Employment Services

This program, also known as Center-Based Employment, provides paid employment opportunities to individuals on or within a PAI owned, leased or managed property. The goal of this program is to assist the individual in learning good work habits and increasing their skills. PAI staff provide the training and individuals are paid a wage based upon their level of productivity, which could be below minimum wage.

Employment Planning Services

This program is an individualized service that assists job seekers in identifying interests and abilities in a short-term work assessment. This could be completed through:

  • situational assessments
  • job tryouts
  • job shadowing
  • paid work trials
  • transitional employment
  • volunteer opportunities
  • simulated job sites