About Productive Alternatives

PAI is a non-profit corporation. It is established to promote the social welfare by providing vocational, rehabilitation, training, habilitation, employment and developmental services to disabled persons.

These services are designed to enable disabled persons to develop their highest individual potential and move toward normal lives in the workplace and in the community.

  1. To allow persons choices in developing a plan to reach his/her maximum vocational and personal objectives.
  2. To provide each person with an individualized program utilizing futures planning work, training, related activities and professional support to equip them to reach their vocational and personal objectives.
  3. To place the person in competitive or supported employment and provide support and/or follow-up services to ensure stability in employment.
  4. To provide Center-Based Employment for those persons who do not choose to engage in competitive or supported employment.
  5. To aid in the discovery, utilization and coordination of whatever community resources may be of benefit to individuals in achieving their objectives.